Walking Like a Savage (draft 1)

Walking Like a Savage

I don’t know
what to do with this

I just want to walk with you

Just want to stroll where
there’s a stream , where
you will laugh, even if
the bear will take its fish,

because he will be
hopeless to his instinct

and as for you
I hope I am not savage.

— Douglas Gilbert

5 thoughts on “Walking Like a Savage (draft 1)

  1. A streamy stroll with you sounds exciting, I like the way my mind wanders about it…and i’m pretty sure i’d giggle even if we saw a fish eating bear. After all it’s instinct, it’s part of nature and bears do have to eat. Your ending two lines made me blush (i could feel my cheeks get warm)…

    1. Thanks very much. Ut oh, I don’t even remember writing this. But anyway it seems OK and I’m beginning to remember it a little. I guess I must have had a lot of scraps I wasn’t going to post or something.

      1. Seriously? (giggling) I guess we can all be a little forgetful sometimes. This makes me wanna read all your scraps, I bet there’s all sorts of great stuff I’m missing out on. Maybe you wrote it and clicked publish instead of the save draft button? That’s happened to me before…

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