Many Kinds of Onions (Draft 1)

Many Kinds of Onions

Gin and Vermouth
a Gibson onion
a garnish of you,
onions on a steak

steamy, I’ll
wash you in the shower
make rain my sunshine

soapy dopey I don’t mind

we are both
clean and dirty

You know
what I mean

There’s an onion in a Gibson
and onions on the steak

We could be careful,
and peel away the layers
and let peal the bell on
the cuckoo clock

— Douglas Gilbert


One thought on “Many Kinds of Onions (Draft 1)

  1. Oooh…I like being steamy in the shower…and soapy dopey…it’s nice to be clean when dirty. I like the “make rain my sunshine”. Steamed or sauteed onions are delicious on steak and I want to try that Gibson Martini now. But I’ve always liked that onions have layers…sometimes they make you cry but they’re usually worth the tears it seems like…

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