Expensive Speech (Draft 1)

Expensive Speech

Off to jail with you —
We have permission
from our allies:

We gave them a Naval base
and they gave us

permission to torture you;
a little at first and then
when the world forgets

as much as we want
to stop so-called Free Speech

We know better, ’cause
we are supreme, hip, and
the divine succession of Kings.

In balance-of-power politics,
you are puny, and unheard
by world chic-media, because
they want to have interviews, and
want to say that ideals are
too complicated

We have tacit approval
and worse

You should have thought of that
before you spoke against us.

There is no more revolution.
We have the money for
Public Relations
And Grand Lobbyists

The world news media
are afraid to speak of evil
like they were afraid of Hitler
and of Stalin and of Tito
and of many… Cambodia
Ruanda, a partridge and Putin
in a pear tree with pockets of Nazi Russians
in Ukraine with excuses for invasions —
Hitlerian land bridge to Crimea and
a new Empire

Yes do your chatter
about diplomacy

We are amused.
The fall of Moldova
and Poland will be interesting.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Expensive Speech (Draft 1)

  1. It is weird how the media seems to keep quiet or just not mention some things. If everyone is afraid to speak of evil will we just let it keep consuming until it’s taken over everything? Politics are confusing for me though, seems like there’s so much going on everywhere and I have trouble following everything but one thing is for sure, this world is crazy and “Hitlerian land bridge” sounds scary…

    1. Oh thank you so much for indulging me. I know politics is confusing but I love you so much for wanting to speak with me about anything at all, and I know you always pick up and learn an aspect of me even when I ramble on about all kinds of things. I think even when I chatter at random there’s a few things I meant for you in the background that you’d enjoy just because it seems like a conversation of two is somehow more grand than the world, not that I don’t wish the world well. Let them eat cake.

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