Deep Analysis and World Affairs (Draft 1)

Deep Analysis and World Affairs (Draft 1)

Thank you for indulging me again. I couldn’t help but comment a little.

I know politics is confusing,
but I love you so much for

wanting to speak with me
about anything at all, knowing
you always pick up, and
learn an aspect of me, even when
I ramble on about all kinds of silly things.

I think even when I chatter at random
there’s a few things
I meant for you
in the background

A few things you’d enjoy just because
it seems like a conversation of two
is somehow more grand than the world,
not that I don’t wish the world well. Let them eat cake.

But I have
a much better dessert for you.

Sign our treaty in the pudding.

— Douglas Gilbert


7 thoughts on “Deep Analysis and World Affairs (Draft 1)

  1. Oh I love it! Made me have a big ‘ol grin and I think I blushed a little too for some reason. I guess my mind wondered some there at those ending lines. Yum dessert! Signing a treaty in the pudding sounds exciting. But you can ramble on about anything you’d like to me at anytime, even if I don’t always understand everything I can still find it interesting (and it’s nice to learn aspects of you…). Hmmm..I’m cooking dinner right now, white chicken chili and cornbread (which I need to go mix up really quick). The whole house is smelling delicious.

    1. oh that’s really good you understood what I meant in the best way. I was afraid I said something insulting. Oh yes, the whole house should smell delicious, (celebrate white chicken chili and cornbread). I always want to hear your thoughts because I feel like there is something you could teach me and I would tell you whatever I know as soon as I find the appropriate pen or vision.

      1. Well, I hope I understand things in the best way, or correctly. Sometimes I think being an optimist has it’s downsides, like assuming things are better than they actually are. Happiness that stems from hope turns back into sadness when the hope never leads to an ending of happiness. Or something like that, what? Wait? I’m not making sense, i had a drink before I took my bath to help relax my back. Oh I had my first massage yesterday. I think it helped but I’m a little sore today because it was a therapeutic deep tissue massage. She was really working all those tight muscles and said she could definitely tell I had some stuff going on in there. But the soreness today is an all over soreness that sort of feels more like I had a good workout than the same pain I’ve been having. I’m going to try to go back again in a week or so. My chicken chili turned out delicious, i love that stuff (good thing because there’s a bunch leftover!)

    2. Yeah, it makes sense to me. I’ve been living in hope, but not in anything actually fulfilled. I suppose I haven’t found the truly active wishing well, and been throwing coins in the wrong fountain in Podunk.

      1. Well maybe making wishes and throwing coins aren’t the best way to get results. At this point, after all these years, I guess I’ve lost faith in wishes. I believe that actions are more of an indicator of true feelings. At least poems take an action to write…so therefor they convey actual real feelings that moved behind the words (hopefully?). Wishes just float around up in the stars and never seem to come true for me. But I think a phone call or even texting works much better. Of course I tried that…it took a lot of working myself up to brave enough to even try and then I never got a reply so I just felt stupid…

    3. I hope those massages really work in the long run. I finally went swimming in the Ocean a few times and my muscles are sore because I’m really out of shape but anyway I waited too long because now the Summer is over…

      1. I hope the massages work too, I feel less sore after sleeping for so long last night, so that’s a good sign. I love swimming, but this summer has been really cool again and I’ve only went 2 or 3 times. Same as last summer…if I’m going to go swimming, it needs to be hot out. My parents don’t have a heater on their pool and when it doesn’t get hot the water never really warms up to comfortable swimming water. I hope the cool summer isn’t an indicator of another brutal winter coming up.

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