Eating Tornadoes (Draft 2)

Eating Tornadoes (Draft 2)

I’ve heard a tornado can lift a
herd of cows into the air
(besides the houses)

But when it lifts scratching cats
tears out potatoes,
out onions from the ground, and
out with flour from the warehouse,
it rains potato pancakes,
and when those hungry people
at the end of the emergent rainbow
catch mash in a hot frying pan,
deliciousness is cooked, and
it’s fresh like a fork in the road

— Douglas Gilbert


6 thoughts on “Eating Tornadoes (Draft 2)

  1. I like the changes. Sounds like a good way to feed hungry people, just whip up a couple tornadoes and then tadaaa (!) full bellies all around! Though it would probably just be simpler and less messy to invite them over for dinner. I bet they’d probably be good company too…
    Have you ever seen the kid’s movie Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs? This poem kinda reminds me of that. There’s a monkey that loves to eat gummy bears and a scientist and his lovely lady friend. Food falls from the sky because of some invention the scientist came up with…

    1. Well, I think they will take good care of her. I hate when I see a bird with an injury — a broken wing or broken foot. They have no idea what to do and they just limp along and will eventually die… it’s like, “what do I do now?” The other birds are no help at all…

      1. Yeah, I’m sure she’ll be well taken care of. That is sad though, when one of the birds gets injured. I guess it’s like the survival of the fittest thing. If I were a bird I think I’d help my bird-friends out if they needed it though. The other day I noticed a sparrow missing a foot that landed on my deck. He was fine standing there on the wide part of the railing but I doubt he’d be able to land and perch on thin limbs. I guess sometimes they can adapt and make the best of the situation…

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