Eating Tornados (Draft 1)

Eating Tornados (Draft 1)

I’ve heard a tornado can lift a
herd of cows into the air
(besides the houses)

But when it lifts scratching cats
tears out potatoes,
out onions from the ground, and
out with flour from the warehouse,
it rains potato pancakes,
and when those
at the end of the rainbow
catch them in a hot frying pan,
they are delicious
and fresh like a fork in the road

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Eating Tornados (Draft 1)

  1. So every time I see the title of this poem on the reader page it registers as “Eating Tomatoes” to me for some reason. And then it seems like a very dangerous poem because of my allergy. Hmmm…hopefully I’m not allergic to tornadoes…I certainly don’t want to get tornadic hives. Nor would it be nice to throw up tornadoes…I mean, there’s already enough of those as it is. I don’t think we need to throw more up into the sky…

    1. That’s weird. They’re helping me fix my spelling? Or is it tiny print because I notice the r and n too close together look like an m. Hmm, maybe in some tornadoes there are tomatoes and it makes flying pizzas — that would explain all the UFO sightings. Those are not alien craft; they’re just flying pizzas. The ancient Romans said in their writings that they saw flying “shields” in the sky — maybe it was just pizzas thrown from catapults for delivery but they missed sometimes, especially when it got very hectic when the pizza runners went on strike and would only run to Marathon.

      1. I think it’s just ’cause I’ve trained my eyes to scan through ingredient lists looking for tomatoes…and tornadoes has several of the same letters so it triggers some response in my brain, kind of like an ‘aack, tomatoes!’. When I look at the title I can tell it says tornadoes though…weird huh? But yeah, I bet those were just flying pizzas on some catapult delivery method…hehe. I watched some show on aliens and it was showing several very old paintings that had ufo’s in the skies…We apparently aren’t the only time period that’s seen such things.

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