End of the World (Draft 1)

The Semi-End of the World(Draft 1)

I didn’t know I
had to join the
crying society
to have legitimate tears

I don’t want to hear
any damn criticism
that I did it to myself
and it’s my fault

I DO want to feel
sorry for myself
beyond the stupid cliché

Yeah, I get it
you don’t care

But I think
in terms of empathy
you’re an idiot
and a devil in your
ignorant ways

So the world ends.

— Douglas Gilbert

4 thoughts on “End of the World (Draft 1)

  1. Just so you know I care…even if the rest of the world doesn’t care or is too involved in their own problems. I think if there is a crying society they probably added me as an honorary member long ago…I bet one wouldn’t even have to join, they’d just magically know you needed to belong, (i don’t know how, maybe they can sense tears or something?) add you to the roster and wait for you to show up to a meeting with cookies (and a story to share).
    We all make mistakes in our lives and the only thing to do when you make a mistake is to do what you can to fix it…

    1. Thanks. I guess you know what I mean when someone says, “DON’T feel bad. There’s nothing to feel bad about…” Well I guess I sometimes think that when someone is rich and famous and seems to have everything, but obviously their pain is real and intense….

      1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m sure I’m guilty of saying that or something similar to someone. I think people say stuff like that because if something can’t be changed (unless time travel were possible) then they don’t want you beating yourself up and becoming a depressed wreck over it and unable to heal and fix the problem. But I understand completely…I think feeling sorry for oneself is part of the overall healing process…I’ve been there plenty of times.

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