Wild Hair (Draft 1)

Wild Hair (draft 1)

For what little is left
on my head

I have wild hair,
wild desire in grey

and what I have never known
I want now with my hand
on the body of you who
has known my mind, many times,
and I want my beautiful flower
to smile

— Douglas Gilbert


13 thoughts on “Wild Hair (Draft 1)

  1. I have wild hair too! But I have long curls and it’s brown, sort of a chocolate color. But I’ve been plucking greys out here and there and I think I may resort to hair dye soon – I was thinking a nice honey color like I had when I was a teenager might be a nice change.
    But this is a very tempting poem, made me think saucy thoughts at the end there…definitely made me smile.

      1. Thank you…So are you saying you think my natural color is pretty and I should just stick with that? Of course, i’d probably never dye it anyway. Dying hair comes with the same dilemma that the fake tan in a can does…I start reading about the chemicals in it and get all freaked out…

    1. I don’t think I’d mind whatever you decide except possibly purple with green highlights, Although I suppose I could get used to it. Yeah, I’ve heard those hair dye chemicals are really bad and dangerous. But I suppose if you got a part in a movie that required it then one time only would probably have a low risk if a professional did it carefully. Oh wait, wasn’t there a famous person recently who had a big allergic reaction to hair dye, but I think maybe it was black dye…not sure… and maybe it wasn’t a real star but one of those reality TV shows. Your natural color is pretty.

      1. I think 17 was the absolute worst year of my life. Luckily things got a little better…but I wouldn’t want to revisit my teen years for anything.

  2. (giggling) Well, even though purple is my favorite color, I definitely don’t think I want purple and green hair! Wow! That poor woman with the allergic reaction. How horrible. Now I’m even more worried about the dye. I’m very sensitive to products that aren’t all natural (like different scents they add to things: detergents and body sprays etc) and I’m allergic to a lot of different things (medicines, foods, some animals etc)…
    I guess I should probably not mess around with the hair dye much. Although I have seen some all natural henna hair dye at the Natural foods grocery store I go to…but I think you pretty much choose your natural color and it just covers greys and so forth. If I were to try that I’d probably want to test an area first, I don’t want to end up at the hospital all swollen up like I did from an antibiotic I took one time…and from a drug they gave me during my c-section…

    1. Oh God I’m so sorry that life must be brought into the world with a c-section, but such joy for who will be in the world because of you, and he will be kind and loving because you are….this in gentle ways is heroic…a birth… hooray

      1. Oh, I’m fine now, that was 12 1/2 years ago and if I ever needed to have another c-section they would know not to give me that drug again I guess…but hopefully i’d be able to deliver normally. But with my son I went into early labor and he was really little still (only 4 lbs 3 oz when born) but the contractions were messing up his heart rate because he was still little and they had to do an emergency c section. Thank God we both turned out just fine afterwords, it was scary there for a bit. I was unconscious for about 5 hours and when I woke up they had me on body warmers and hooked to all kinds of weird machines that manipulated my muscles…The first thing I said was “I still haven’t held my baby”. That was all I wanted…

    2. My brother was a huge baby. But at the last moment my Mother’s doctor went on vacation. The substitute doctor said to her. “You do know you have a huge baby, ” but she totally misunderstood it as not a warning rather than a compliment. From what I can deduce from the fluff and lies that my family usually does, I think that at the time of the birth the hospital staff was in a panic because my brother was stuck and my mother was going to die in child birth. A nurse told my Mother off the record that they were considering breaking his shoulders so they could pull him out. But even today she’s totally oblivious to what the crisis really was. She should have sued them for millions — the nurse was trying to give her a little clue but she didn’t pick up on it. The nurse was trying to be a whistle blower, but she didn’t catch on. She totally focussed on the fact that he turned out Ok except for a big purple scar on his face where they used forcepts to try to pull him out because he was too wide and she was too narrow. She still doesn’t seem to catch on that she came close to death in child birth. She just went through it in a drug fog, and never bothered to complain. She definitely should have had a c-section.

      1. Oh your poor Mom…she’s really lucky that she was ok. That had to be horrible to heal from, because there’s all sorts of tearing and stuff when the babies are big like that. My cousin had to have stitches from tearing. Your brother is lucky to be ok too, that would’ve been awful if they had to break his shoulders, so hard for a newborn baby to be in all that pain. Yeah, she definitely should have had a c-section. Doctors used to not like to do them for some reason unless it was last resort effort. I got stuck in my mom’s birth canal like that – I was only 7 lbs but she was too narrow to give birth. She was only 17 years old; went into labor on December 8th and it was 2 days before they decided to finally give her a c-section to get me out. My dad said my head was shaped funny from being stuck in the birth canal for so long (but it rounded back out quickly). With my sister they already knew she was going to have that problem and just scheduled a c-section.

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