oh damn

They’ve changed the stats thing and everything else again. I don’t give a damn about fancy this and fancy that. I just want to know who look and who really like enough to comment a little. I’m not interested in collecting clicks and whatever. Just comment and buy, buy, buy. Nothing at all can flatter me with gimmicks. I don’t care at all about blah, blah, blah, that goes no where…

2 thoughts on “oh damn

  1. So what’s going on? I think I’m confused a little. I don’t see any new extra features…and so far they haven’t tried to sell me anything new. They did change around the first page it takes you to after you sign in though, huh? Instead of the tabs it’s at the top left of the screen? My stats haven’t worked right in a long time. But you wanna know what’s weird? If you come to my page, there are no clicks. Even though I know you’ve been there because you comment…But if I use my other little travel computer and come to my page then my own clicks show up. And that’s when i’m signed into my account (cause my page is private).I don’t think my own clicks should be showing on my own page….something is all screwy.

    1. But I’m kinda wondering now if my clicks are showing up on your page? Like when I commented just now on this post, can you see my clicks too? I’m gonna go click on something random from your list at the side and comment on it and let me know if it shows up in your stats that I was there…

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