Hell No I’m Not Going To Edit This Much (Draft 0)

Hell No I’m Not Going to Edit This Much

No, I refuse absolutely
to use few words; no, no, no
there is no soul in brevity

No, no, no, I don’t want to be spare,
I want to be naked. I want
to show you everything, and
I want to show you that every ugly blemish has
a beautiful poem it’s inspired and

it has named itself like a star is named as 123087274
by the Astronomical Union sometimes but
more often is called Sarah. No, not at all, I
want many more words. I want Love. I want faith in poetry.

I want every rhyme to sing
in every octave that could ever exist.

I want to hear my music, my love, my joy.
I want to be extravagant, lush in words,
lush in feeling. I don’t want to

take away anything at all except you
at your best into my dreams and then
that would be when there are no words
but only the masterpiece of Love.

— Douglas Gilbert

4 thoughts on “Hell No I’m Not Going To Edit This Much (Draft 0)

  1. Sorry about this. I was just sort of annoyed that someone was giving the advice to remove words to be less verbose or something. But that’s just silly for me because I don’t usually say that much and i think I’m really dense in a good way.

  2. Yeah,I guess it’s just the style these days but I think that style sometimes comes off as bland, or cold or maybe just more riddle like than poem like…But styles change pretty often, so in a year the same someone might be like, ‘You were ahead of your time, a trend setter, now everyone wants to write like you’. I like your lush words and umm imagining you naked…

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