Practice 2

I keep getting one aspect or another wrong. It’s mostly OK in pieces but not as a whole. The seagulls seem to sing very easily and naturally without much effort.


5 thoughts on “Practice 2

  1. I love your singing, I’ve listened to it twice since I’ve been home. It sounds really good. That song is a difficult one to sing though, it has a very wide range of notes in it. I was humming along at parts and it’s definitely not in my comfort zone (note-wise). The lowest notes are way too deep for me to get my voice to but if I sing up a few notes from the note you start with I can hit most of the notes until the very highest one.
    Yeah, The seagulls must just fly around and practice all day and wait for you to come out and join them with some bread. They seem to really enjoy hanging out on the beach singing with you. Of course, I don’t blame them, sounds like a great way to spend the day to me…

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I can’t figure out how to start low enough so I don’t have to go too high. I brought my keyboard to the beach so I could try to start low enough that I wouldn’t go too high out of range. But the birds kept encouraging me to go extra-extra high like they do, but I couldn’t quite make an ultra-high bird call. Sometimes I can do a gargle-girlgle coo call which some of them seem to like.. I remember I was in Central Park and I tried to imitate the duck quake sounds and they did seem to come closer so I could take pictures and one came out of the water and looked at me and I didn’t know what to say… I guess it wanted food but I just had a camera and a hello..

      1. Yeah, the birds do have a nice high pitched tone. Seagulls do seem to use their voice more than they whistle (like the smaller birds do). I’ve been whistling back to my birds sometimes but since I’m not that great at whistling in the first place and I don’t speak bird very well, I’m worried I might say something that offends them. Hopefully they know I mean well. Ducks are pretty cute though, I bet it was hoping you could read it a poem in duck call or maybe it thought you had some bread stashed away for it…

      2. Yeah, I’ve tried all kinds of whistling for the smaller birds. It reminds me of the Monty Python Flying Circus skit where someone maliciously creates a false translation phrase book for tourists and this person is trying to buy some simple supplies and looks at the phrase book and keeps saying “My hydrofoil is full of eels.” Well, I think I said, “I love how you swim. Can I take your picture and will you share a fine day with me — you’re a really good looking duck.”
        And I think it said, ” For a human you’d don’t look so bad even though you have no feathers. Why is it that you can’t fly. It’s so easy..” And I said, “why is it that you can’t speak and write novels.”
        And it said, “Well, OK, have you written one lately?” And I said, “um no,”… and it said in a way that I think it meant kindly that I was a birdbrain.

  2. So funny! One of my friends had a VHS tape of Monty python and the holy grail that I watched in High school, and I remember thinking it was hilarious but that was so long ago I don’t remember a whole lot from it. But I just looked up the flying circus skit you were talking about on you tube…So very funny! Makes me want to watch more…

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