I Suppose (Draft 2)

I Suppose (Draft 2)

I suppose the day is long
and you will skip along with me
just because I’m cute like you.

I know a stream where
there are interesting things

Look there, hey
I see a splash, but

could there be
a ripple in your dimple

I’m just fishing

Catch me,
when I put the rod down
put the rod up

Well, actually
it’s the swimming conversation
and the thoughts on the water
that ripple, and I
don’t care if there
are no fish, except for
would-be drama of fresh fish
on the camp fire.

We can go to the supermarket
and then fry or bake, yeah
I have a recipe for Love at home.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “I Suppose (Draft 2)

  1. Ah, swimming conversation…that’s much more my thing, I’m much better at swimming than catching fish. Though I’m sure I’d be able to put the rod up for you after you put it down. I like the new additions…and honestly, I’ve never had fresh fish on a campfire…I think supermarket fish cooked at home with your recipe for love are probably even more delicious. I could make some sauce too…

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