Sunrise (Draft 1)

Sunrise (Draft 1)

If you knew what the sunrise
really meant to me, when we

looked in the colors of us, and
when I felt like I could sing into the
rose of the sunrise, and knew
your thorns were not for me, then,

I know you wanted to be bold
and seize me in your arms

because I know you know
I’m kind and wouldn’t crush you
in my embrace

and neither will you prick me
because you are not the rose bush
but the flower who in many colors
loves me when you

arise in a divinity
we can share
in our garden.

— Douglas Gilbert


One thought on “Sunrise (Draft 1)

  1. This is lovely. Your beautiful words water my blooms to make them glow and grow in the light of the Sunrise. My thorns are only for protection from those who’d harm me, not to pierce you because you come in love, with a gentle but firm grasp holding the secrets that sweet dreams are made of…

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