I Suppose (Draft 1)

I Suppose (Draft 1)

I suppose the day is long
and you will skip along with me
just because I’m cute like you.

I know a stream where
there are interesting things

Look there, hey
I see a splash, but

could there be
a ripple in your dimple

I’m just fishing

Catch me.

— Douglas Gilbert


7 thoughts on “I Suppose (Draft 1)

  1. But I love to skip along with you…I do think you’re cute and I’ve always needed a good partner to go exploring with. Streams always seem to have such interesting things. But wait a minute, if you’re the one fishing, aren’t you supposed to do the catching? I’ll give you a kiss if you catch me, or if I catch you, do I get a kiss? Sadly I’ve never been much of a good fisher-woman though…

    1. Mostly I catch fish at the Supermarket and they are generally dead. I went fishing with my Dad in the ocean and I suppose it was the only time I didn’t hate him…Sometimes he liked me and didn’t think i was the enemy but only a young son…

      1. Well that sounds like a good memory with him then. I’m sorry that your relationship with your Dad was so tough. He had a wonderful son, and he shouldn’t have let the pain from his childhood mess with your life too. I’m sure he loved you though, even if he wasn’t very good at showing it…

      2. I’m sorry if I said something wrong, I really don’t know anything about the relationship the two of you had. I hate that he made you feel like his enemy though…
        I suppose I just think you’re wonderful and I think everyone else should think you’re wonderful as well…

    2. Sorry about that. I drifted off the subject somehow.
          Thanks for skipping along. It’s sort of a light-hearted poem. It doesn’t really say much. I always enjoy your comments. No, you didn’t say anything wrong.

    3. I don’t know how I drifted off… I guess I started out trying to make a joke about fishing in the supermarket or something… and just started talking about free-associations with “fishing.”
          So anyway, thanks for the compliments.

      1. Oh ok, well I was worried I’d said something wrong. I’m here if you do ever want to talk about anything, you know…I’m a good listener.

        Yeah, fishing in the supermarket does seem to be a little easier, you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself on the hook either. I have a scar on my left thumb from fishing with my grandpa.

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