Wow, this is weird: now they tell me I got the spelling wrong from what? — a year ago or something…

Wow, this is weird. I get a notice that something I did a long time ago is not acceptable:
“Dear Douglas Gilbert,

The Lulu Quality Assurance Team has identified the following issues with your eBook
Doug and the Foxes Do Short Short Stories And Poetry (Project CONTENT ID: 12469833)
that prevent us from forwarding it to our retail partners and making it available for purchase through those channels.
* Your eBook has been rejected for improper capitalization. The first letter of all words in the title, subtitle and author name should be capitalized, except for the following words: a, an, and, for, from, of, or, the, to. The first and last word of the title and subtitle should always be capitalized….”

Well OK. So I think they’re saying that both “ands” in the title should be small letters. So I try to revise it and it says that the title can’t be changed because it’s already been registered with an ISBN number with the government and the title name and author name is frozen. So I make a new project with a new title and ask for a new ISBN number. I take out all the and’s because I don’t want to deal with it etc.
So even after all that I go to amazon and find the the original one with the misspelling is offered for sale. Huh?

Geez, it’s so silly and it’s only 15 pages and it’s free. And I had totally forgotten it because it was so long ago and trivial…


9 thoughts on “Wow, this is weird: now they tell me I got the spelling wrong from what? — a year ago or something…

  1. Holy cow, on top of all that, I just put the URL in my post and they’re showing the cover picture and link. I guess I should look for all my links and put them in posts. This seems like a new thing… I think I’ve posted links before and never got anything that explicit.

  2. Well, I’m glad I made it free, because no one can claim they were cheated because now there’s a duplicate copy called, “Doug’s Foxes Do Short Stories.” Oh geez, all this about the least of my stuff. [“It’s not fair: I got two copies of the same thing.” — ‘oh hell, delete the one with the misspelling’]

  3. Whoa, well that is weird. They’re just now noticing it and making it unacceptable but then even though it’s unacceptable they’ve still made it available to sell? You’d think one capitalized letter wouldn’t make much of a difference with the ISBN, since you aren’t technically changing any content or meanings…it’s just a capital letter…but I guess it does. Sounds like they have you running around in circles for nothing, since they’re still selling the other copy. I do like the way that preview looks though, very nice! Is that a new thing because Amazon sells it now maybe? I still haven’t gotten ready to go to the store…and now the weather men are talking about severe storms so I really don’t feel like getting ready to go out in the rain…

    1. Yeah, I heard about the severe storms: I used to like listening to in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep(about flying saucers and such) but then my local radio station kept doing silly stuff like carrying baseball games and vitamin companies, so I got Louisville 84 am on iHeartradio on the internet that carries my spooky show and they interrupted it for a weather alert for severe storms near you. Sometimes I forget what I’m listening to and I hear your weather and look out the window and think whoa what are they talking about and then I remember I’m not listening to a local New York station.

      1. We have weird weather around here. They call it “Wait a Minute weather” because if ya’ don’t like it, wait a minute, it’ll change (hehe). Something about being in the Ohio River Valley…we must be very unstable or something. That would be confusing though, if you forgot you weren’t listening to a local station…you’re like what?! Tornado watch?? Only to look outside and see a calm beautiful night.

  4. You know what else is weird. There’s a kindle app on my phone, I’ve never really used it so I clicked into it to see what it was like. It apparently comes preloaded with a Chinese-English dictionary and another Chinese book (I can’t read the cover because it’s in Chinese). Umm…odd. Maybe it’s a hint. Should I try to learn Chinese? Seems like it would be a very difficult language to learn. I may need a tutor. It also had The Hunger Games in my library. But I downloaded your books into my kindle app. Now when I’m out and about and need something to read I’ll have your words nearby…

    1. That is odd. I caught the second half of the Movie “Gravity” and Sandra Bullock is trying to read a spacecraft panel written in Chinese, but of course magically she figures it out. It is a very difficult language I’ve heard. Chao dung ho, or something….Oooh, phones are tiny, I should write tiny… um, hoo ha hi nice day, sun, flowers& joy be with u, light & magic,glory;sing.My ears welcome u.Lend me yours.

      1. Yeah I’ve heard it’s very difficult too. Of course, I don’t think I’m going to be going to China anytime soon. Somehow in the movies they always figure stuff like that out very easily. I wish real life were like that. Your words actually look pretty good on my phone. It has a decent sized screen, so the words aren’t so tiny that it strains your eyes to read them.

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