Running by ‘Diane’ (Draft 2)

RUNNING by ‘Diane’ (Draft 2)

After he learned to walk,
what a thrill to watch him run,

just wish he had a Dad
to snatch him up and hug him,

always hoped to meet someone
who’d love us like a Daddy,

But he’s already 12. Oh God
but for my Father, doting Grandpa.

Yeah, I think this will work:
he’s a great kid, and
so is my Father:

And my Mom loves him too.
All of us sing for him.

We Love him so much.
This is a play we can all do:

what a song when we scamper
in fields of joy, with flowers
that kiss the playful scene

yay noisy team

Yeah, I’d say we are glorious children,
all of us wise and silly, young and old
with so many fields to run in, and I warm
to the flower that blooms in the corner
where I sigh with love,
looking out at the sunrise
and Mother Nature
maybe pleased with us…

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Running by ‘Diane’ (Draft 2)

  1. I love it! I have a big grin, you included Mom! Now she can be part of the big play. I love the ‘yay noisy team’ and the ‘glorious children’, ‘all of us wise and silly young and old’. Of course I do still like that flower at the end and I do hope Mother Nature is pleased. There are so many crimes against nature these days, it’s sad. I know this isn’t a huge deal on the full scope of problems in this world but I’ve been a little upset because they shot about two dozen geese at one of our favorite parks. They said it was because of health concerns concerning the goose-waste…but I think geese have a right to be alive too, they weren’t hurting anyone. The only reason I think so many geese like to stay there is because people show up with bags of bread and feed them…well and there’s two huge lakes. I think the geese probably always felt welcome until all of a sudden people show up and start shooting them…Oh sorry about that rant. I’ve been upset about it for a couple days now, ever since I first heard about it.

    1. That is sad about the geese. I wish we could talk to them. Over here they keep flying into airplanes at the airport. When they fly into the engine of an airplane they can bring it down. Over the years they’ve killed a few people. It used to be that Canada Geese stayed in Canada and then migrated past New York into southern regions that were beneficial to everyone. Now they seem to be confused about who is friend and who is enemy in terms of feeding grounds. They’ve tried loud shout gun sounds around the airport to chase them away and they’ve tried dogs chasing after them but they still seem to get sucked into airplane engines. I think they should try giving them free plane tickets and a passport or maybe they could make a super duper sanctuary with a lot of food and Roulette Wheels with bread crumbs where they could win big fish….

      1. Yeah, I wish we could talk to them too. We could be like, “Hey stay away from the airports and planes please!” And then they’d be like, “Oh, ok, sorry about that, we didn’t realize it was an issue!”
        But seriously, this small-town park should be an ok place for them to be. Two huge lakes, no airports nearby, people who enjoy them with their families and feed them. I don’t understand why it seems so hard to harmoniously live with other creatures…it seems like without even really trying people just start killing whatever they feel is in their way. The mayor actually said that trapping them and moving them to another location would be less humane than killing them. I don’t understand that at all…
        A super duper sanctuary sounds great. There could be a buffet with fish and bread pieces and lots of swimming areas and the big fish roulettes sounds like it’d be very entertaining for them…

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