Tall Hello

Tall Hello (Draft 1)

Everything hurts so much, but
I can’t help but have your wine
’cause you pour out to me
to make me high with you, a little tingle
that I can feel like a morning song

or maybe it’s too much, but
I have your giggle to have when
the sun rises again, and

if you stay with me
i know I could rise on time
to be your sunflower and
a tall hello.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Tall Hello

  1. I love this one…
    You know what’s funny I just mentioned my being whiney and giggling in a comment on your other poem and then I click on this poem and you’ve mentioned wine and giggle.
    Anyway, I’d have a glass of wine and a giggle with you anytime, hello Sunflower…

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