Singing Mountain (Draft 0) (oops)

Singing Mountain (Draft 1)

So we went to the Smoky Mountains
not expecting Gatlinburg to be anywhere

Somehow we slid down a slide
into an alternate reality

Some really old cabins, and
in a corner
a white glowingness

Such Roaring Forks in
the road of reality…

Yeah I could sing about it
but I stopped my singing lessons.

— Douglas Gilbert


7 thoughts on “Singing Mountain (Draft 0) (oops)

  1. Love your new Gatlinburg poem! Oh and we loved Gatlinburg. It was a beautiful area, Mountains are so amazing to see. I’m glad we stayed in Gatlinburg instead of Pigeon Forge too, I liked that we could walk everywhere from our hotel…but yeah, I loved the mountains and the old cabins were really cool. I wish I had seen the white glowingness too. I like the “Roaring Forks in the road of reality”. You can sing to me anytime you like, I don’t mind that you’re not taking lessons anymore and I’ll even sing with you.

      1. Did you know that today is National Ice Cream Day?? We had a llittle Ben & Jerry’s, New York Super Fudge Chunk after dinner for desert…

    1. Oooooooooh. I didn’t know it was National Ice Cream Day. But I don’t think I can ever have it again. I’m making zero progress on my diet: my weight it still 30 pounds over weight and I look like I’m pregnant. I think the main problem is that alcohol has a lot of calories and I’m so anxious and depressed that I’m probably drinking too many calories. It’s so painful to write anything at all without it. With it I feel like I’m so good and I write along laughing and thinking, “Oh you’re so good, and that is great,” and then later there are some many errors and doubts. I like just blabbering sometimes and like floating as if I were a creative person who could be fluent with wisdom that would be acknowledged.

      1. I think a little extra weight looks fine on a man. I mean, not a whole lot where they’re approaching obesity or something…but a little thickness is nice. I have gained almost 8 pounds from not being able to do my yoga/dance every morning since I pulled that back muscle. I probably shouldn’t have ate that ice cream, huh? hehe…
        But seriously I need to start a diet because my shorts from last summer still fit but they’re too snug to wear comfortably so I’ve mainly been wearing my skirts and summer dresses, those still fit fine. But I’m refusing to buy bigger sizes. Yeah, alcohol adds extra calories and slows the metabolic rate some too but it sounds like your holding a steady weight and not still gaining more and more every day, so you’re probably burning the calories you consume (i’m guessing). But when I try to write after a few drinks I just sound whiney and kind of stupid or giggly…there’s definitely no great wisdom like you…

    2. Yes the desert,dessert thing is very confusing. Even the dry desert is not simple. There is the expression, “Getting your just de serts’ ” And when you get what you deserve it’s spelled with one s just like the dry de’ serts. So with the one ‘s’ thing, if you accent the first syllable, then it’s a dry place, but if you accent the second syllable then its “reward or punishment that is deserved” — Random House Dictionary

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