Jumping (Draft 0)

Jumping (Draft 0)

I’ve heard you say
you could never
jump rope again
like an innocent child

because you’ve been
tripped up by
a foot on gossip strings

a betrayal web that
tugs on the rope

friends that double cross
and skip a loyalty to friendship.

Gossip makes the sidewalk slick
and the jump rope a tangle.

I can’t see why anyone would
talk, talk, talk, behind your back
when you have always danced for love
I think

maybe you could teach me to jump rope
where there is a double dance
and a skip above the sea

— Douglas Gilbert

3 thoughts on “Jumping (Draft 0)

    1. It is hard to jump with a tangled rope on a sidewalk slick with gossip! It’s hurtful and sad. It’s like they listen to you, pretend to care and then go tell everyone they know about it. Or even worse, some stretch the truth or flat out make up blatant lies and rumors and spread them just so they have something ‘exciting’ to talk about. Well in any case, I try to stay out of the talk, talk, talker’s stories as much as possible these days.
      But I’d jump rope with you anytime…love this new poem and how you always write things that cheer me up. It’s nice to feel like someone understands.
      (Now i’m remembering all the little rhymes we used to say as we jumped rope when I was a kid, “Cinderella dressed in yella went outside to kiss her fella…”)

      1. Thanks. You help me so much with your positive feedback. I thought it might be a terrible poem, and then maybe not, and maybe so, and maybe not, and yes, and no, and yes and no…
            That’s great to know it cheered you up. I was afraid it would do the opposite.

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