Have You Reached Me At Last (Draft 1)

Have You Reached Me At Last (Draft 1)

I often see you as noble.

I wonder if in a past life
you were a Mayan Priestess
or Asian Priestess
with special powers.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful
if you could use those powers again

’cause I know now you’d be
kind this time even if
you were cruel in the past.

I know you now, and
can the universe let me
forgive you on behalf
of millions if that were,
just because

I want to save you
as kind as you are now
just for me

well, OK, and
do frolic with others
because you look so beautiful
when you dance in the world.

Yeah, OK, I could share you
as long as you don’t
become a dictator again.

Because if you
could love me
as I am

We could love the world.

— Douglas Gilbert


One thought on “Have You Reached Me At Last (Draft 1)

  1. That would be amazing if I’d had special powers, and wonderful to be able to use them again. I can’t imagine that I’d ever be a cruel dictator in a past life though and I definitely wouldn’t want to be one now. In this life, even though I’ve been hurt so badly and betrayed so many times by people I loved, I still don’t wish bad things to happen to them…But because of being hurt so much I don’t really want to frolic too much with others anymore. I’d be happy knowing there was some-ONE I could trust and depend on no matter what. If I had a special power of landing kisses from afar I’d send one to you right now…

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