Notch (Draft Huh?)

Notch (Draft Huh?)

My hands are tired, and
it always seems difficult to
clutch onto happiness

but, the views from the top of a love
are you with feathers and flight

Smokey Mountains do seem like
they could accommodate a
haze of thought, looking for
a dream and a place to climb,
a notch on a cliff to hold onto,
a wedge into your heart where
my feet are stepping up
into your mountain heart, and
where you will never let me fall
because you love me.

I hear you yodel
from a cliff’s edge;
so I’m coming.

I will find you in the foggy haze, and
keep you safe from the
mountain lions and bears, if
you will let me come to Oz with you
and be magical, but

I need to know if
you can fly

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Notch (Draft Huh?)

  1. Love it, once again! The ‘draft huh?’ made me giggle…just out of bed, barely awake and you already have me smiling. I think it’s smoother from the yodel line on to the end, exciting too. I don’t think any mountain lions or bears would bother me with you around. If i had wings I’d fly to you, feathers would make things much easier…alhough I bet they’d make some things much harder as well (like going out in public?!). Maybe I need an airplane? Though i’m not sure it’s very safe to land one of those in the mountains…yeah – i guess wings would be best for mountain flight; from one mountain sized heart to another…

    1. Thanks. Well, I think there are some very nice gowns and cloaks that go with feathers and wings. But helicopters can operate on mountain cliffs. I think you could wing it in style.

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