Notch (Draft 2)

Notch (Draft 2)

My hands are tired, and
it always seems difficult to
clutch onto happiness

but, the views from the top of a love
are you with feathers and flight

Smokey Mountains do seem like
they could accommodate a
haze of thought, looking for
a dream and a place to climb,
a notch on a cliff to hold onto,
a wedge into your heart where
my feet are stepping up
into your mountain heart, and
where you will never let me fall
because you love me, and

I hear you yodel
from a cliff’s edge and
I will find you in the foggy haze, and
keep you safe from the mountain lions and bears

if you will let me come to Oz with you
and be magical

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Notch (Draft 2)

  1. I don’t know: this is wild and all over the place, and throwing your comments to the wind. I don’t know if I should be doing this…

  2. Oh I love this one too! Feathers and flight sound magical, and perfect for the top of a love. I know that if I had wings I wouldn’t be afraid of any kind of falling…I’d even be brave when falling in love. The yodel made me giggle, I like that you used it. I don’t really know how to yodel but it seemed very mountain appropriate…I suppose I could work on learning how. And you’re welcome to come to Oz with me, of course I already think you’re magical..

    1. Oh that’s super that you like it. I’m so uncertain about everything, I don’t know how i could continue without your encouragement. I really don’t care about “likes” (except yours) much because there are multiple motives and until I hear a comment there is nothing.

      1. Yeah, I feel uncertain sometimes too so I understand how you feel. When I used to share all of my poems publicly it was always nicer to receive actual comments than ‘likes’ or an ‘applause’ because then you know what the person liked about it or didn’t like. I’ve always loved your comments because you’re involved; you really take the time to give serious thought about the words and if you have suggestions you give them. But i do love your poems, they’re all beautifully written, so creative…

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