Ode to Sloopy (Draft 9)

Ode to Sloopy (Draft 9)

Oh my neighborhood is blessed,
so sweet the streets, but yet
I mourn where you were,

where I looked down the other road:
down and out town where I never
could seem to be for long
forlorn and never seeing
in your faithful path

the caresses paved on
bumpy roads, your skips

on tangled streets, without
any proper signs but caution.

And I could have loved you
so easily if you were in
my class at school, and
my illegal notes would have said

I am not fulfilled with
just my toys. Joyce dear dream,
with the pony tail and smile,
could you play with silly me like
you’ve always loved me
on the streets of true love.

Sometimes I think
you’ve known me

But now that
I’ve grown
now that I moan

can I give you my map
to find me, though there’ve
been so many years?

There’s a song and I say Hello

Joyce babe, oh
you’ve known the song so
don’t fall off the mountain;
hang on to an edge,
hang on to a love to be
that should have been.

Oh baby I don’t know why
your Daddy put you down
and why you stayed with cockroaches
in your sorry part of town

Oh baby, can you cross the border,
and don’t be down,
’cause there’d be no disorder
if you’d wait for me on the corner,
only wait for me where
we would have loved the sky
on a street of love, and where
we could have walked forever, but
now I’ll call you a cab into heaven

’cause I know there’s a cliff
where everyone dis’s you

But baby don’t fall;
I’ve got the rockin’ gear
and the pinions of a mountain climb

I know you’re on a cliff, but
hang on

I will hoist you up to God, and
maybe He will share you with me

because I want to save you, and
my rescue ropes are of joy. We will

cross the border
and climb a better mountain
beyond outrageous stones
those devils throw

How can they know
your kind heart
if they’d be mocking birds.

Let me sing to you of
sweet rescue, because
don’t we both need to
climb to a heaven we need
so desperately

I think we are good
to hang on for love

because never would I
want you to be anywhere
but on my street if
you love me, or

even if you don’t.

— Douglas Gilbert


10 thoughts on “Ode to Sloopy (Draft 9)

  1. I like all the new changes, you’ve really done a lot of work on this one today. Yes please, give me a map, it’s no fun being lost! Sometimes I think I’ve known and then I get confused again. They always tell you that when you’re lost to stay where you are so whoever is looking for you will know where to find you…but i guess if no one ever comes to find you then you weren’t really lost, but more like left behind which is sadder when you take the time to think about it. I like to hold on to hope and call it still waiting to be rescued though…

    1. I’ve heard them say, when you’re lost in the woods to climb a tree and fly away like a flying squirrel… not sure, must be that you use your coat as wings.

      “Depending on the air current, flying squirrels may glide 150 feet or more from a height of 60 feet. They can turn easily at right angles while gliding and control the direction of their glide by tensing and turning their legs and body and flapping their tail. As a flying squirrel approaches its landing, the squirrel flips its tail up and holds its body back to slow the glide down, giving the squirrel ample time to position its feet for grasping the tree trunk. Flying squirrels usually land face up and often run up the tree immediately after landing”

      But then I suppose you have to be as light weight as a squirrel. That would be hard to do except that if you’re lost in the woods for a long time, you might become skinny enough to fly. Though calling a helicopter taxi on your cell phone might be easier…

      1. Yeah, I’d probably have better luck with the helicopter taxi. If I jumped from 60 feet up with a coat spread like flying squirrel skin it would probably be the end of me…or at least a nice long vacation in a hospital. Oh, and I’m afraid of falling, so I don’t think i’d even be brave enough to attempt it. I’m more of a chicken than squirrel I guess. I’ve always wanted to go on a helicopter ride though. I bet helicopter pilots are brave enough to go on a mission into the woods to save a lost chicken…hehe

    1. I think I know what you mean. They’re all related: left behind, lost, abandoned, waiting to be rescued.
          I guess that’s why I have so many nightmares about being lost — the subconscious dream machine must think it’s an all around, all purpose metaphor for everything when it doesn’t feel like being specific or coherent: it’s saying, I’m giving you a hint, because the dream machine doesn’t feel like writing a good dream screen play because it just assumes I’m clueless and why bother. I guess maybe it’s not going to cooperate until I meditate or something.
          I don’t know what happens. I think I’m going to do well but when I get to the singing lesson I’m a real scatterbrain and like temporarily tone deaf or something… usually a have a good ear, but somehow if I lose focus or get nervous or annoyed about something, I suddenly can’t hear and copy a melody….
          I hope your back is getting better.

    2. Yes, it’s OK , you make more sense than me. Hello. I’m trying to grab an expression of me that I could shout, and without doubt I could hug the world, and wouldn’t that be nice….. hang on, hang on….Dorothy Sloop

    3. oh yes, sorry for being indirect: I so much want to have a song and say hello in my own voice, and not be a copy or a parody. But there seems to be no angel who will let me sing though I’ve tried to be kind — maybe there’s a mismatch if the angel is into country Western songs and I’m into the Blues.

    4. Well, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do this, but I think I want to try singing in Central Park — I’ve done poetry readings and so I should be able to do it, but I have to compose something I can handle without too much of multi- faux pas.

  2. Well I would love to hear you sing…you can sing to me anytime you’d like to. I think I’d love your blues or reds or purples or greens or whatever color you choose to sing in. I’ll even blow you a kiss of good luck, I hope you catch it because I don’t blow kisses very often and I wouldn’t want my kiss to be floating around through the air to land on a random person. I’m picky about who gets my kisses, even the air-sent ones (hehe). I’ve never been much of a country western music fan, I mean there are some good songs but I grew up on the oldies, classic rock, folksy stuff and blues and that’s kind of what stuck with me i guess.

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