The Bitter Cold (Draft 1)

The Bitter Cold (Draft 1)

I do love the Spring so much
so welcome after the bitter cold of Winter

so nice the warm breeze
and the joy of the Sun once again, but

her primroses have taken over
and I’m thinking, don’t overwhelm
her little bushes that I’ve planted
in honor of her who has died
and of whom I seldom speak, because

love and death is complicated
and tears are not for everything

it’s just a portion of agony
that wonders why
such fate has come to me

and i always wonder why
she couldn’t have danced with me
to twirl and understand the full story

don’t know why I listened
but couldn’t help

don’t know why my love
was deadly

don’t know why I thought

there’d be magic in a couple’s sorrow
even if there’d be a suicide pact, but

one survived and one did not

and sorrow is endless.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “The Bitter Cold (Draft 1)

  1. So very sad…that would be an endless sorrow, in a way it reminds me of Romeo and Juliet, except they died together. It would be even sadder if Romeo were to survive alone and Juliette died alone. There’s a certain comfort in love stories when the couple is still together, even in death tragedies …but to be split in such a way is somehow even more tragic. Maybe fate has a way of restoring things eventually, hopefully?

    1. Thanks. It’s an odd camaraderie at the end of the world with lovers estranged from the world and sorrow seems so much stronger than a love that would have never been and maybe could never have been except in a common cry that no one wants to compose into a song. How can there be joy without a song…

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