The Bitter Cold (Draft 0)


I do love the Spring so much
so welcome after the bitter cold of Winter

so nice the warm breeze
and the joy of the Sun once again, but

her primroses have taken over
and I’m thinking don’t overwhelm
her little bushes that I’ve planted
in honor of her who has died
and of whom I seldom speak, because

love and death is complicated
and tears are not for everything

it’s just a portion of agony
that wonders why
such fate has come to me

and i always wonder why
she couldn’t have danced with me
like I would have known all the story too

and there’d be magic in a couple’s sorrow
even if there’d be a pack for death.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “The Bitter Cold (Draft 0)

  1. This is lovely, it’s like our springy chat we were just having but I’m confused about the death part. Who died that you seldom speak of? Love and death is complicated but sometimes it helps and is important to talk about things, to tell your story and to maybe dance again. What do you mean by the pack of death at the end? Oh, I don’t know, forgive me ’cause I’m confused so I’m not sure how to comment – I don’t want to say something wrong or that would be considered rude.

    1. Thanks.Yeah it’s weird at the end. I was just throwing out random ideas. It’s not connected to reality. I’ll have to come up with a story to anchor the whole thing. oops I meant “Pact” rather than “Pack”. I guess I’ll have to decide on a storyline. I’m not sure where I intended to go. Oh well.

      1. Oh, well ok…I just thought I’d ask ’cause i always feel like I’m missing something. Like something didn’t click or i’m just not understanding, needing explanations that i never really get…

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