Spiders Running Wild (Draft 1)

Spiders Running Wild

When a spider runs up your shirt, babe
he’s probably not looking at your breast
as food or entertainment, but

I’ll crush him if I must, because
I must be brave, and I
hate your screams

It doesn’t seem like
he’s very modest
on his journey to
catch a fly, but

I sort of understand a little
because I’m very modest
on my journey to
explore you, though

I don’t have a web,
just a silk dress for you
and a bracelet

Maybe we’re sticky
in a net yet, but
if there’s any web
it’s a trampoline

And why can’t
we bounce a few times

’cause unlike the spider
I can see your boobs
when you jump, and
I feel like an insider, though

sometimes I’d rather
span the breast of
your love and heart

than scare you
with the net of marriage
but I so much know

how you’d be
such a great mother
of me and my child

so anyway
don’t be afraid

I am here always, and
I have a crush.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Spiders Running Wild (Draft 1)

  1. Oh I love this one! What a happy evening to find a new poem by you – Part of it was scary ’cause of the spider in the shirt but then you’re the hero, so very brave to take care of the spider…they really do creep me out and I’m really awkward when trying to get them. Like last night there was one at the very top of my bedroom wall, right in the corner where the it meets the ceiling. I couldn’t reach it so I got this pole (extender for a paint roller) and tried to smoosh it but because it was right in the corner the pole couldn’t get to it. But then it somehow latched onto the end of the pole and was dangling from about 6 inches of web, i felt like I’d went fishing for a spider…but then i lowered it to the ground and grabbed one of my sandals and well, I guess you know what happened next. But it was an awfully big production just to get a spider out of my room.
    But back to your poem…I love it, parts of it made me blush and giggle and by the end I just had a big grin. Bouncing on a trampoline with you sounds like fun. I have a crush too, ya know…

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