How Could You Say Hello (Draft 1)

How Could You Say Hello (Draft 1)

Just as I got used to you babe
dressing that beautiful body,
and looking in the mirror, though
I could have told you
how beautiful you are,

yeah, just as I fell in love with you
and woke up to your naked truth
and everything you wanted to say

just as you became a melody
no matter sad or happy, and
it sounded so beautiful to me
to hear your voice everywhere

Yes, just as my love for you
captured me completely

You left.

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “How Could You Say Hello (Draft 1)

  1. She must not have known you were captured completely by love or she probably wouldn’t have left. Maybe she didn’t feel beautiful and needed to be told that more…who knows. I don’t know what happened with your situation and I can’t give any advice because sadly, no one has ever loved me. Every time I’ve loved someone I’ve had my heart smashed and now I’m at the point where i’m afraid to even try anymore.

    1. No, it’s all fiction, I’ve never had anyone who could love me and reject me. I’ve never had anyone at all. I don’t even know how to try and now that I’ve grown up to be no one I can’t see how anyone would want me — I have really nothing to offer. Everything I ever wanted has turned out to be imaginary.

      1. “Everything I ever wanted has turned out to be imaginary.” I know how that feels…
        But I do believe that you have a beautiful mind and heart – that is more than most people have to offer.

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