Gentle (Draft 7)

Gentle (Draft 7)

Since you’ve flown I miss your hugs
and when your thoughts do tug at me

it seems you are the moon
who pulls my tidal craves, but then

I know for sure if you think of me
I’ll feel it like a gentle breeze. Yes I know

whenever you send an ethereal kiss
I miss you so much again, your elegance
the delicate touch.

I know if I could seize the wind just now,
you’d be home to embrace me for sure
an endowment, this calm of love

So pretty gentle things

— Douglas Gilbert


6 thoughts on “Gentle (Draft 7)

  1. I’m having problems with this. I keep changing my mind about steady or unsteady rhythm or no rhythm… or rhyme or no rhyme… sort of depends how it’s read I suppose…

    1. Oh, I really like the change to tidal ‘craves’. It still brings waves to mind because that’s what I think of when I hear the word tidal and it also rhymes with wave so it’s like a crave that moves wave like…very nice bit of wordplay. I think i have some tidal craves as well. I also like how you changed it from ‘that’ to ‘who’ it makes it gives it more personality. I do love this one…

      1. I like so much that you notice the details. Sometimes I think a small change will make it right, and I love when you notice when I can define something more.

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