Laughing (Draft 6)

Laughing (Draft 6)

Why do they mock me,
tell me I’ll never be loved. It hurts
thinking it’s true, and

does seem like lachrymal cooking
makes fried lonely batter, sizzle not
suitable for banter, but

I don’t want to twitter
or fritter away a sob.

Sometimes I feel like
every sizzle tear of mine
is a drop of my essence

and I want you
to have a cup
to capture me kindly

and if you drink of me
I won’t mind if you laugh in joy, because

you see
my life as a loving game.

I think I could be truly amusing
and so much so that, I’d do

what I always wanted to do
and laugh into your arms, because

I know you have always loved me
though I don’t know how to cry
don’t know how to laugh, but

I think maybe in my rain
a jumble of emotion
would be fun

with a cocktail, a gentle kiss,
your passion flurry and a wonder-storm

— Douglas Gilbert


One thought on “Laughing (Draft 6)

  1. I love the changes in the beginning. I like the way ‘fried lonely batter, sizzle not suitable for banter’ sounds, it goes great with the fritter and twitter but I think you should come here and we could sizzle up some batter together, everything tastes better with love as the secret ingredient – I’m sure anything we’d cook would be delicious. Great work on this…

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