Constellation (Draft 1)

Constellation (Draft 1)

Oh God I had a dream yeah
you were saving me from life

didn’t know why this would be destiny
but seems to me I wouldn’t mind
a little casual laughter into outer space

maybe I’m not a movie star
but I could be the Sun for you
oh yeah

why don’t we look out at the stars
and if you turn to me kindly
I will see you
as my precious star

but baby lately
I don’t feel so strong

If you could see me
as dancer in the stars

You could draw me
into the constellation
of your love and

we could name us.

oh baby why don’t we dream

seems to me we’re in love

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Constellation (Draft 1)

  1. I love this one so much, it’s wonderful to read first thing in the morning…maybe I’m still dreaming, this is like a perfect love poem with the Sun, stars and dream. I’m not feeling so strong lately either but I’m hoping to be better soon. I love the lines ‘You could draw me into the constellation of your love and we could name us’ I wonder what the name could be? How do you pick a name for something so beautiful? Well anyway, this is beautiful, if i’m dreaming then don’t wake me – I’d love to look at the stars anytime with you…

    1. Thanks. Well, yeah, even I don’t mind it too much so I think I’m going to keep it. It’s very vague but I think I like it anyway.I hope you will heal and feel better.

      1. I think it’s beautiful, I’ve read it several times today. Thank you, i’m starting to feel better, just tender still and trying to take it easy. But I get so bored sitting around, i was trying to write but I’m not coming up with anything worth sharing today. I suppose there’s still time though, maybe I’ll come up with something…

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