Nightmares (Draft 3)

Nightmares (Draft 3)

Dearest precious child with nightmares,
I have a white-light love to envelop you.

Let me reach you nocturnally,
so you can feel my dreams for you
to fly your joy across the heavens
eternally my lovely cherub, because
this night I am here at your bed and blanket.

I tell you: you are strong against monsters,
just because I know you’ll hold onto my love,
and blue eyes, my sacred child,
take my sword of love and
fight every dragon, please, dearest.

— Douglas Gilbert


6 thoughts on “Nightmares (Draft 3)

  1. This is lovely, it turned out so nice and very soothing. I like the cherub and Heavens and the change to ‘Let me reach you nocturnally,
    so you can feel my dreams for you’. I think everyone should have a sword of love to battle dragons with. I wish I had a poem like this when i was a little girl with nightmares. I used to get them really bad. My very first memory is from when I was 3 years old and I had one of my bad nightmares and fell out of bed and into the bedside table. They had to rush me to the emergency room in the middle of the night because I’d busted my forehead open on the corner of it. I remember riding in my grandfather’s truck, lying down with a bloody towel over my head, i could see the street light’s passing through the towel and I was even more afraid because they were red and I knew it was my own blood. I thought whatever I’d been having the nightmare about had gotten me. I still have a slight scar from that, though as I grew it moved down to the corner of my eyebrow/side of nose and it’s not too noticeable. Sorry for the long ramble there…

    1. Thanks. In some cultures they have instructions for children on how to deal with nightmares. They confront and ask what the threatening figure wants. Or they are told how to defeat it. Or to accept. They have a whole system. We have nothing but “It’s only a dream.” We are very primitive in some things.

    2. I wish you had been given proper weapons for nightmares. In dreams there are unlimited resources. It’s a matter of imagining them and they are there.

      1. I remember us talking about this before, i forgot the name of the tribe we talked about. We are very primitive in some things. It would’ve helped a lot to have proper ways to deal with the nightmare while having it instead of just waking up afraid and letting the fear linger each time.

    3. Yeah, I forgot. I think it was the Senoi. But anyway I think the whole tribe met every morning to discuss dreams. And they would tell the child to confront the threat the next night and ask what it wanted, and if it were unreasonable to destroy it. And when a child would report the next morning to the tribe on his or her dream revelation, they would celebrate the report whatever it was and derive information for the group. They took any dream report very seriously and would thank any child for their revelation. I think, aside from if you could argue for the reality of the derived knowledge, that giving respect to the child made them strong. After all, the dreams are trying to convey some sort of knowledge and it may not always be trivial.

      1. That really is so interesting about the Senoi. You’d think at this point in civilization that we would have more effective coping mechanisms for nightmares than “it’s just a dream, get over it”. But like many other things, dreams seemed to be dismissed very easily. I agree, it may not always be trivial. Our minds work in some very mysterious ways and we could be overlooking important aspects of life by ignoring or acting like dreams are nothing…

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