Nightmares (Draft 1)

Nightmares (Draft 1)

Dearest little child with nightmares
I have a white-light love to envelop you.

Let me touch you in the dark
with my dreams for you.

I tell you: you are strong against monsters,
just because I know you will hold on to my love,
and blue eyes, my sacred child,
take my sword of love and
fight every dragon, please, because I love you.

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Nightmares (Draft 1)

    1. Thanks. Sometimes I get a little carried away responding to someone’s poem and say something stupid, but sometimes I can make a comment into a poem. I don’t know, but I thought this person’s poem was a little too negative and so I made a silly comment. It was sort of a summation. I suppose I should have said something more directly. Oh well, it’s too late now. I don’t know how to respond.

      1. Well that’s a very nice response poem. I used to have nightmares a lot but they seem to have gotten better. Most of the time now I just have weird dreams…they’re not quite like the scary ones where you wake up sweating with your heart pounding. But just all around weird. Like, ‘wow, where did that come’ from type stuff. Maybe I should start writing them down again…

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