Laughing (Draft 1)

Laughing (Draft 1)

Why do they tell me
I don’t know how to love.

I don’t want to twitter
or fritter away a sob.

Sometimes I feel like
every tear of mine
is a drop of my essence

and I want someone
to have a cup
to capture me kindly

and if they drink of me
I won’t mind if they laugh, because

if they’d help me see
my life as a game

it would be truly amusing
and so much so that, I’d do

what I always wanted to do
and laugh into your arms.

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Laughing (Draft 1)

  1. It’s funny ’cause the only time I’d ever heard the word fritter before was with the apple fritters dish. I looked it up because I thought, ‘that can’t be what he means…” So i learned a new definition for fritter today. I can see what you mean in your poem but still, I wouldn’t want anyone to laugh if they drank of your tears because tears aren’t usually funny, unless it’s something that’s so funny that it makes you cry…then I suppose it would be ok. Maybe it’s best to just keep things light, love is something to celebrate and whoever said you don’t know how to love is an idiot. You are wonderful at loving – oh and you can laugh into my arms and I’ll even laugh with you, we can always use more laughter.

    1. Thanks. It is a little confusing. I guess crying is an expression of emotion I was forbidden to have so that’s why I see it as a positive thing.

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