Gentle (Draft 1)


Since you’ve flown I miss your hugs
and when your thoughts do tug at me

seems like you are the moon
that pulls my tidal wave, yet

I know when you think of me
I feel it like a gentle breeze. I know

when you send me an ethereal kiss
I miss you again: the delicate touch.

I know if I could seize the wind
you’d come home and embrace me
in the calm of love

So pretty gentle things

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Gentle (Draft 1)

  1. i love it…
    “Since you’ve flown” does sound better than “since you’ve went away”. I like the addition of the moon and tidal waves, the pull is very strong, it’s hard to stay gone for long, when you’re drawn in by the light of the Sun. I’m glad you like my ethereal kisses, you can have all that you’d like. I really loved the ending 4 lines too…

    1. Thanks. So many things are almost right and I’m frustrated that I keep trying to fix one thing that ruins another thing. It’s a yo-yo.

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