Nobody Forever (Draft 1)

Nobody Forever (Draft 1)

I think by now
it’s pretty certain
that the one unprotected time
did not make a baby

so there are no little me’s
running around being sad

and I don’t know what
his Daddy would do
to kiss him and make it better

the end of a defective line
seems like a good thing
genetically, but

babies will wrap their
entire hand around
your one finger
and I would have liked that

— Douglas Gilbert


4 thoughts on “Nobody Forever (Draft 1)

  1. I love the ending of this, that is one of my favorite things about babies…the way they wrap their tiny little hand around your finger and just hold on. I love their little feet too, and the way their hair/head smells. They’re so aware for being so little and respond so much to touch. A lot of times if a little baby is crying and you wrap them snuggled in a blanket and hold them closely to your chest near to your heart it soothes them and they’ll stop crying. And even older kids, when they’re upset will usually feel better when one of their parents or someone they love just hugs them and let’s them know they care. So I suppose it’s not always exactly what someone says that can make them feel better but the touch and holding someone close.
    I don’t think you’re defective though, you’re just how you’re supposed to be, unique, creative and brilliant.

    1. Thanks. When my brother was a baby I observed these things. I was 12.
          When I was growing up I never got hugs… just sort of command forms: “Don’t feel bad” “It’s not important” “It’s done — forget it”. It was mostly: Don’t talk,don’t feel…

      1. Wow, you and your brother have a big age difference between the two of you. I understand how you feel though, I heard those kind of things a lot growing up too…
        Well, I’m sending you an across the miles air-hug now…It might not be the real thing but i suppose it’s never too late for a gentle touch.

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