Loving Me Is Sublime

Loving Me Is Sublime (Draft 1)

Oh that is so much that you’d love me:
I can’t imagine that anything sublime
could ever be mine

and I thank you
yes, thank you

even though I know
you think I’m divine

but it is you

It is you

What a great argument:
we agree we are great

ha, can’t we be silly
and make great noodles

— Douglas Gilbert


6 thoughts on “Loving Me Is Sublime

  1. oh gee, I really screwed that up. I think maybe I should erase this quickly. Oh I have so many scraps to post and I suppose I should tear them apart….

    1. Your comments on here have me giggling…erase it?!?! What, huh?? It’s not terrible. I love the poem, it’s wonderful! I wanna see your other scraps too now. Sounds like a good kind of argument to have if you ask me. But I do think you’re divine…I always have. Being silly is definitely a good thing, I can always use a little more silly in my life. I could also use someone to come over here and break in my new dancing slippers, they are too tight. Last time I made the mistake of going up a half size because they felt too tight on the initial try on but after I danced in them for a couple weeks they stretched out way too much and i had to get the needle and thread out and sew them up tighter because they had been used too much to return at that point. What a dilemma…I guess i’m going to have to suffer through having tender toes for a little bit.

      1. Oh yeah I think I could dance in your shoes and make it lighter…. well depends I suppose cause I’m size 11 men’s though I’m not Big Foot but it comes in handy because my oversize sneakers are about 12 inches so I can measure out a room without a ruler.

  2. Oh, well I doubt you could even get these on! I usually wear a size 8/12 or 9 depending on what brand shoe it is. On the box it says it’s a 8-9 in womens or a 6-7 in mens so your poor toes would really be hurting. But that would come in handy, being able to measure things with your feet. Maybe you could measure dance steps, that would be fun. These new slippers are supposed to feel like barefoot dancing (hopefully they do when they get broken in). I ordered another pair too that’s like the other ones i already had (but in a tan color) unfortunately they had a little hole in them when they were delivered and I had to send them back for an exchange…

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