The Mind of Us (Draft 2)

The Mind of Us (Draft 2)

So reveal to me
this naked love you have for me, because

don’t you know I have
so many naked things to say

and these sacred desires
are nothing but a love dream, because

you were always
floating on my stream

and if you would splash me,
girl you’d be so delicious, because
there is a hunger, and I know
many times I could love you in my mind

seems like some dream might
actually be a

many faceted love unlike
the gem of me ordinarily
but different for you, as I wish it
magnificent with its gleam

so when you scream for me
I will have your happiness in my arms
as you do too
and I won’t mind at all
when we cry

Can’t you tell me you’ve always known,
say that love is not a grand surprise

so strongly I expect something
but yet

you were always a surprise
and can you be my wonder prize.

— Douglas Gilbert


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