It Hurts So Bad (draft 1)

Everybody Hurts So Bad (Draft 1)

Oh everybody hurts so bad,
but I didn’t want it to be you

I know so many hurtin’ women on the road
and I think they love me for my song
and wild luscious lust, but baby

you know I don’t want to hurt you
or my son who cries like I used to
when Daddy went away, but

there’s songs on the road
and money to be made

so many people hurtin’ for love,
so many singing into bed

Oh everybody hurts so bad,
but I didn’t want it to be you

just wanted it to be me
because I’m a fool.

Everyone hurts so bad, and
I didn’t want it to be you

and oh God, I
didn’t want it to
be her neither.

Sometimes I’m on the road
and sometimes I want to come home

Every song hurts so bad
feels so good

Can I come home

— Douglas Gilbert


8 thoughts on “It Hurts So Bad (draft 1)

    1. I was watching the movie “Ray” about Ray Charles. It was painful because everyone got hurt. And his lead singer wanted him to betray his wife. And he got addicted to heroin and eventually he hears that she did too and then dies from an over dose, but she thought he’d leave his wife and family for her. Everyone loses. It was a painful thing. All the way from the beginning everything went wrong — his blindness and his mother trying to promote his independence, but sending him to a school for the blind because she couldn’t help him enough. There was nobody who could help them enough and I saw almost everyone as noble. So many good people wanting to love, wanting to survive…

      1. It is painful but I guess I don’t really see them as noble. I suppose i see it as a weakness or a flaw in character when an otherwise strong man can’t be true to those he loves and in the process rips everyone apart from the inside out. I’m sure they can overcome that flaw but sadly most men who betray those who love them are only wrapped up in themselves and probably don’t really care about the ones they’re hurting. Very sad.

    2. WordPress said someone commented or I don’t know did something with this one. I hadn’t thought about this one at all, and it’s not very good, but WordPress flagged some kind of activity….

    3. That is a difficult thing to figure out. Sometimes someone has a handicap like being blind but their struggle doesn’t guarantee that they will be moral. I suppose someone can get to be very adept at navigating in society and they can use their skill for good or evil.

      1. True…I guess being blind wasn’t his worst handicap when you think about it. Well in any case I wish there was someone who wanted to come home to me. I’ve finally decided I should start dating again because the loneliness is getting to be too much. So I went out on my first, first date in several years last weekend. Honestly, I was surprised that he was still interested after the date, I’ve gotten really shy over the years and I think I come off as aloof or awkward maybe? I hope he doesn’t think I’m a prude or something because I didn’t want to go back to his house and eat ice cream in his bedroom on a first date. But he keeps texting me, and he showed up at my work today. He wants to know when he can see me again but he makes me feel super shy and nervous. Luckily he is not shy so he can keep the conversation moving along. Maybe after I hang out with him again I won’t feel so shy? I’m not sure if it even could go anywhere relationship-wise. I mean, he is Jewish and I’m Christian…aren’t there rules about that kind of stuff? I mean, it’s not a big deal to me but his family might think otherwise…

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