My Last Song (draft 1)

My Last Song

So you know how great I can be
because you let me sing, and
I really did thrill you,
when I mimicked who you liked

I could be always
in your dreams
if you would let me sing

maybe sometimes
I’d be off-key, or
as they say now
pitchy, but

beyond the slang
I have always
loved you in a song

Oh could you support me
one last time when

I put my voice in public
and ask for praise or

I know there are thousands
who apply, but yet
I feel like I might still be alive

Oh when I die on the last stage
can you please
sing for me off-key, because
I have never understood harmony

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “My Last Song (draft 1)

  1. Why your last song? I’ve always thought all your songs were beautiful and i think our harmony is perfect together, remember what I was saying about when you just ‘click’ with someone? Well, I think you might be that someone, for me. I don’t think anyone else really ‘gets’ me. I would never humiliate you – that’s not how you treat people that you love. And you don’t need to mimic anyone, perhaps the main reason I liked the one you ‘mimicked’ is because I thought it was finally you coming around.

  2. So, yesterday I took my first meditation class after my yoga class. It was really nice and I felt very calm but it was kind of hard to completely relax since there was other people in the classroom. I mean, it’s so hard to just turn off everything and just ‘be’, but one of the things I remember the teacher saying was “you don’t have to search the universe for answers because they lie deep within your heart”. I’m not sure why that stuck out to me, but last night as I laid in bed trying to fall asleep I attempted to meditate again and that line from the meditation reading kept coming back around in my thoughts. Eventually I guess i just fell asleep but a few hours later i woke up from a dream and just laid there thinking about it. In the dream he was telling me something about how he’d messed things up and i said “no you didn’t” and i kissed him softly, it was more like a taste of his lips than a real kiss but it surprised both of us. Me, because I’m kind of shy and never make the first move but it was so natural to do so, it was like a magnetic pull and I did it without second guessing myself and I suppose he was surprised because, well I guess he didn’t expect me to be so forward either. But he liked it, and this is where the dream gets hazy but i’m pretty sure he kissed me, like really kissed me, way more than just a little taste…

    1. That sounds like a super meditation. I’ve been thinking I should start doing it again. It’s been a long time since I did.
          That sounds like a wonderful dream. I haven’t had a good dream in a long time. Hmm, maybe meditation will help.

      1. It was a wonderful dream, I felt happy and calm when I woke up. A lot of times I have trouble remembering my dreams unless I wake up during them and even then they can be foggy at times so I love it when I have a good dream that i can remember things from…
        I liked the meditation class, it was very soothing almost like a therapy session of sorts. I’m thinking of taking another one called heart-mind meditation, that one meets on tuesday morning and I’m off work on tuesdays so it might just work out perfectly…

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