Happy Losar

Happy Losar

[I notice that someone found this one which I wrote in 2008. I suppose it was just curiosity. I don’t even know what it means. I must have looked up a few references and thought I was saying something. It’s Tibetan New Year.]

A new year with you
a splendid meal

There is the smell of incense.
Are you a deity or
my love with a match

My love,
you infuse my spirit.
May the spirits approve

You warm me
without wool
though you are
the salt of
my stew

I watch the
lips of your chatter
because chili is hot
like you, but

I cherish your silence
when you are pleased
with the lust of our conversation
when we are
a revelation of one,
the laugh of agreement
the bliss of the giggle
a kiss

— Douglas Gilbert


One thought on “Happy Losar

  1. I love this one, I remember it from years ago…I hope the spirits approve because love is so beautiful when it comes from spiritual places and infuses the spirits of those who love. I like the ‘you warm me without wool’…so many times over the years I’ve felt warm just by reading your words. I think you’re hot like chili since you are perfectly spicey, but you’re also sweet because isn’t a kiss always the perfect ending?

    Happy Losar to you too. I always found it interesting that different countries celebrate New Years on different days. We are all so much the same, but at the same time we are a lot different in ways of culture and beliefs. I used to dream about traveling and seeing lots of places, i love all the different traditions people of different cultures have and it’s fascinating to learn about them. Khapse pastries sounds delicious, they kind of look like a braided version of our funnel cakes. I’d definitely be sprinkling some powdered sugar on them if I made them (i have a bit of a sweet tooth at times, hehe). Oh and there’s a rice beer that everyone (even kids) drink on new years called Chang http://www.yowangdu.com/tibetan-food/chang.html

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