A Small Thing (Draft 1)

A Small Thing (Draft 1)

Isn’t it a small thing to love me
because don’t I always understand
whenever the rain falls on
your tiers of sorrow

Can’t you see me as a drop
on your cheek
flowing to a corner of your lips
that you taste like salty love

Not every whisper rain
must be a Grand tear sound

Sometimes a dry joy emerges
and the Sun shines on growth

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “A Small Thing (Draft 1)

  1. You do always understand. I wish you were here…then maybe there wouldn’t be tiers of sorrow anymore (or tears). That’s a good sensory reminder, the tear to tongue, one that is powerful because everyone has tasted their tears at an emotional moment, so it evokes a personal remembrance. But i’m really needing some joy…and some sunshine.

    1. Somehow I was visualizing something in the abstract like an idea(emotion) was trying to push through. Thanks — I don’t always know if I’m saying something. Yes, I’m looking for a source of joy and sunshine too…

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