Saving the World For Me (Draft 1)

Saving The World For Me

Sometimes I think I’m an incredibly
wonderful person in the re-write

Only my failures stop me
from being dictator of the world, because
I don’t really want to
kill millions of my opponents

They seem like nice chaps.

Hmm, well maybe
my secret police could
kill a few of the most annoying ones

There are always the incorrigibles
as I would define it

Hmm, well,

I don’t think I want to
do this yet.

Maybe tomorrow
I will conquer the world

But if I do
call me

— Douglas Gilbert


5 thoughts on “Saving the World For Me (Draft 1)

  1. Conquering the world sounds really difficult, I’m assuming that it’d take a lot of planning and perfect timing? I don’t know, i can be a little scatterbrained at times and I’m not sure I’ve ever really conquered anything. But I do think you’re a wonderful person even before the re-write. Ok, gotta go get ready for my class…

      1. hmmm…lots of people like this one. That must mean lots of people want you to be dictator of the world. But if I were to choose anyone to be dictator, it would be you. Of course, you don’t really get to choose dictators so I suppose that last sentence didn’t make much sense (hehe). Oh yeah, I meant to write in my last comment that the incorrigibles made me giggle…you should just call me – maybe I can help you in your quest to become dictator. I’ll be in charge of baking delicious treats and dancing for you when you’ve had a rough day of dealing with the incorrigibles.

    1. Oh sorry, I posted a comment but for some reason it never appeared. but as the saying goes the fish that got away was huge and so I think I said something very profound. So anyway, people do elect someone who becomes a dictator by suspending the parliament or congress and declaring martial law etc. Yes, you’re right that people do elect a dictator, although they don’t know he will be at the time…. My lost fishy comment said it better, but oh well, this is my approximation of it…

      1. hmm..well now I want to see the other comment, I bet it was something very profound. I wonder where it went, wordpress must’ve liked fish so much that it fried and ate it. So anyway, the people elect him into power just as you would a president but then he pretty much takes over completely and that’s when he becomes a dictator? I’m not so great with politics sometimes. I know there’s a lot i don’t understand and it all gets really confusing.

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