This is so good, so bad.


6 thoughts on “Bessie

    1. That is a good song…i love old music. I need lots of good lovin ’cause I’ve been down in the dumps too. Sing it Bessie! Sounds like she knows that heart broken feeling all too well. The warm vinyasa class went good, this one was more challenging than the beginning class…I think I might even be a little sore tomorrow.

    2. “My man’s got somethin’, he gives me such a thrill
      Every time he smiles at me, I can’t keep my body still
      I done cried so much, look like I’ve got the mumps
      I can’t keep from worryin’ ’cause I’m down in the dumps
      I had a nightmare last night, when I laid down
      When I woke up this mornin’, my sweet man couldn’t be found
      I’m goin’ down to the river, into it I’m goin’ to jump
      Can’t keep from worryin’ ’cause I’m down in the dumps
      Someone knocked on my door last night when I was asleep
      I thought it was that sweet man of mine makin’ his ‘fore day creep
      Wasn’t nothin’ but my landlord, a great big chump
      Sat ‘way from my door Mr. landlord, ’cause I’m down in the dumps
      When I woke up my pillow was wet with tears
      Just one from that man o’ mine seems like a thousand years
      But I’m gonna straighten up, straighter than Andy Gump
      Ain’t no use of me tellin’ that lie ’cause I’m down in the dumps
      I’m twenty-five years old, that ain’t no old maid
      I got plenty of vim and vitality, I’m sure that I can make the grade
      I’m always like a tiger, I’m ready to jump
      I need a whole lot’s of lovin’ ’cause I’m down in the dumps “

    3. Oh gee, when I look up the lyrics, it’s even worse than I thought, ’cause the singing is so nice that I can’t imagine it’s talking about anything so bad…

    4. Oh yes, it just occurred to me that when the world is coming to an end, it would be so nice to sing a song with you so loud so furious like there were lyrics for amazing things like I always wanted to say, yeah, I’m storing up my shouts for the end times and I don’t know yet what my last words will be but just in case I have a hug for you.

      1. That is beautiful…i’d sing with you and I have a hug for you too but I hate to think that it would take the world ending before you would say the things that you’ve always wanted to say…

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