Who Is The Moon

Who Is The Moon (Draft 1)

Who is the moon and
who is the sun

Well yeah
I’m not sure about anything

I’m running with notions, and
not sure if any are potions

I’m running with rhymes, and
getting all twisted

I think when I shine on you
you glow like the moon

But then your smile is like the sun

I feel so warm —
don’t you

— Douglas Gilbert


2 thoughts on “Who Is The Moon

  1. Yes, yes i do feel so warm when your shining makes me glow and gives me a smile as bright as the sun. This is a wonderful poem to read first thing in the morning, I love it! I hope the rest of today is as beautiful as your poem…

    1. Thanks. Even I think I got the dilemma right that I mentioned in a previous comment. I love when I can talk to you and things work out. Thanks.

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