With a Limp (Draft 1)

With a Limp (draft 1 )

Oh wouldn’t it be nice
if I could be your hero
just because I know a few things

and I could help you like
I’ve always wanted to do, though

I limp along so weak and sorry,
wanting to dance with you, but

what if I knew magic

and what if you knew some
magic of me, oh yeah

I’d give it to you
just because I love you

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “With a Limp (Draft 1)

  1. This is beautiful, I didn’t think my poetic day could get much better after waking up this morning to your poem that made be feel so happy and warm…but this was an even more wonderful surprise after I finally got home from running around after work (to the doctor, the pharmacy, gas station and grocery). I was kind of worn out and aggravated but as soon as I read your poem I felt all happy and warm once again. You truly are amazing and I believe in your magic because I think you already are my hero and you can be my dance partner anytime.

    1. Holy cow, I don’t even remember writing this, and normally I don’t think I would have liked it, but I don’t know what to say about praise except that it feels so good and I feel alive again and I feel so honored to be able to make you happy. I’ve always wanted to share whatever I had but I never managed to have much. Wow, for a moment I feel powerful, and it’s so relaxing to feel like kindness is a massage.

      1. I can’t believe you wouldn’t have liked it, i love it! You do make me feel happy. I don’t think how much someone has is really important. It’s more about feelings that come from within – you can’t really buy feelings, you can’t really fake feelings either. So I’m pretty sure happiness and love are more precious than anything you could ever purchase in a store…

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