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13 thoughts on “Cello

  1. I love 1920’s style music, it makes me wanna dance too. Actually I think the 20’s would’ve been a fun time to live, I love the dresses from that era. Everything was so stylish…

      1. Oops! I think you’re doing great. I would be so confused trying to learn how to do the audio files, i’m not so great with computers though…

      2. So is the violin/cello song that you have in the post now by Tchaikowsky? I like it…I danced to it for a little bit during my morning routine, it has a very precise, crisp feeling to it. I’ve always thought it was amazing how music takes on an energy/feeling of it’s own. I’ve also been revisiting some of my old favorites from when I was younger. It feels kind of like editing an old poem in a way; you already know it and all the emotions and experiences associated with it, but with the new knowledge you’ve picked up over the years you’re able to make it new and exciting once again.

    1. I went to google and searched for “Cello music with emotion” or some such and I found some people gossiping about what they liked and so I found some Tchaikovsky but I still didn’t find the music that the street musician was playing. Oh well.

  2. Oh geez. I finally found out how to buy stuff for my ipod directly and I’m thinking maybe I can refer to it. And then I find out that I can’t upload it here because I don’t have an “upgraded version” that allows audio files of that kind. So anyway I see that an upgrade for space (which I don’t need because I’m already only using 1% of what I’m allowed for free) includes audio files, and I look and see that the minimum extra space which I don’t need is only $20 per year and so I buy it, and then I see they do an automatic renewal every year and I have to cancel the automatic aspect because by next year I will forget and they will manage to bounce a check. Well anyway, I managed to buy for a year and cancel the automatic thing…. Oh God, they make everything too complicated invasive and aggressive… I’d like to just buy a few things without being attacked and annoyed…

    1. I had a similar problem…I wanted to upload my video here but I couldn’t because I had to subscribe to videopress or something and I think it was $60 for a year (I may not be remembering right) but I haven’t had much extra money ever since I missed an entire week of work from being sick right before Christmas so I had to use youtube and just put the link here. It does always seem like everything is more complicated than it needs to be.
      That’s awesome that you can upload audio files now, I really liked the music.

      1. It’s from “New Orleans Jazz of the 1920’s” and it’s “Brush Stomp” and “Grandma’s Ball” by the Chicago Footwarmers. I’ve never heard of them, but it’s frustrating wandering around trying to find something and then very often finding one song by someone I like and not liking everything else they do. It’s a very random process for me because usually the stuff that’s heavily promoted I don’t like that much. I feel like I like one out of 200 and I don’t usually like all of one person’s music. I’m thinking about them, you got it exactly right and so why are you going off and doing it wrong. Some of the fast and exciting classical music is great but they ruin it with really stupid slow passages and they totally destroy their audience. I think in school many years ago they had a “music appreciation” course and they played some really slow horrible classical music which made me think that classical music was all terrible. But oddly I was walking through Penn Station in Manhattan in New York City and I heard this person playing the cello. It was pure emotion and made me want to cry even though there were no words — now that is classical music worth listening to. But I was going somewhere and never did write down what the song was. It was so naturally emotional and with no slow spots. I haven’t found that since. So overall like many people I suppose, if asked, I’d say I hate classical music as it’s publicized. But mostly they refuse to play what I like and insist on pushing what people like to talk about at cocktail parties for the elite (as I imagine it).

      2. Tschaikowsky Symphony #5 2nd movement. I suppose there’s lot’s of similar stuff but I have no idea and you can’t ask someone who’s into classical stuff because they always direct you to horrible stuff that they like etc. I don’t know how to find anything. This wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but….

  3. I like the new song you put on with the violin/piano/cello. I love violins and cellos, they have such a lovely sound and they are very emotionally moving. I always wanted to learn how to play the violin…my dad had one and I messed around with it some but without a teacher or some sort of lesson book I didn’t get very far before I gave up and focused on other things I was interested in. I can play a little piano, my grandma taught me when I was a little girl but I don’t remember very much anymore besides the song “Let it Be” by the Beatles and that heart and soul song that you can play as a duet. I like the symphony #5 movement 2 also, I’m listening to it right now as i type…nice and relaxing. I know what you mean about the classical music. There’s lots of amazing songs out there…I used to put it on the classical music radio station for my son when he took his naps, it’s supposed to make babies smarter. My son is very intelligent but who knows if the classical music nap times helped that along at all. But anyway, i could always hear the classical music over the baby monitor…there were a few songs I really liked…I wish i could remember what the titles were.
    I never really danced to classical tunes much though, until I heard ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ back at Christmas time and just had to try it out, now i love it!

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