Lachrymose Redux (draft 1)

Lachrymose Redux (draft 1)

I get really tired of tears
like the Eskimos get tired of snow.

I feel so much better
when I have a place to
let my face get wet because

how could any sorrow be dry,
any sadness be something that
can not be redeemed, just because

there is forgiveness in the sky
just before the clouds form for you

and when your fluffy puppy dogs
greet me with cute remembrance

I think these are not trite stereotypes
but just wonderful you who has
tissues for the fountain of my eyes, and
welcomes my joy because you
love to smile when I whisper

— Douglas Gilbert


3 thoughts on “Lachrymose Redux (draft 1)

  1. I get really tired of tears too, i used to get into the shower when I’d cry sometimes. It was nice and private and the water would just rinse the tears away. I’m pretty sure that Eskimo kisses are a good treatment for sadness. It’s been a while since I’ve given one but i think kisses of any sort are probably good for chasing the blues away. I like the ‘forgiveness in the sky’ with the clouds. The fluffy puppy dogs with cute remembrance did make me smile…you always make me smile.

      1. I’ve been working on something…I almost didn’t post it ’cause it gets awkward in a couple spots but I was trying to think of something that matched your redux…

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