This is so good, so bad.


Saving the World For Me (Draft 1)

Saving The World For Me

Sometimes I think I’m an incredibly
wonderful person in the re-write

Only my failures stop me
from being dictator of the world, because
I don’t really want to
kill millions of my opponents

They seem like nice chaps.

Hmm, well maybe
my secret police could
kill a few of the most annoying ones

There are always the incorrigibles
as I would define it

Hmm, well,

I don’t think I want to
do this yet.

Maybe tomorrow
I will conquer the world

But if I do
call me

— Douglas Gilbert

With a Limp (Draft 1)

With a Limp (draft 1 )

Oh wouldn’t it be nice
if I could be your hero
just because I know a few things

and I could help you like
I’ve always wanted to do, though

I limp along so weak and sorry,
wanting to dance with you, but

what if I knew magic

and what if you knew some
magic of me, oh yeah

I’d give it to you
just because I love you

— Douglas Gilbert

Who Is The Moon

Who Is The Moon (Draft 1)

Who is the moon and
who is the sun

Well yeah
I’m not sure about anything

I’m running with notions, and
not sure if any are potions

I’m running with rhymes, and
getting all twisted

I think when I shine on you
you glow like the moon

But then your smile is like the sun

I feel so warm —
don’t you

— Douglas Gilbert

Waiting For The Moon (I want to feel as if I ever mattered)

Waiting For The Moon (Draft 2)[I Want to Feel As If I ever Mattered (Draft 2)

I buy my songs about ping-pong love
with a ding-dong coin in the wishing well

I’d love to buy you a love song
if the fountain conspiracy would
charge me as a friend of yours, and
give me a melody I could sing for you.

I know how much you listen
know how much you care.

There’d be music they’d
ask me to verify for you

and I’d be a musical reference for you and me
because I have died so many times, and

wanted to revive in the fields of you

so much wanted to grow

so much wanted to know
why you were over there

and I was over here

seems like there’d be music
if the Sun would dance with the Moon,

but if they can’t download me
I will touch you on the shoulder


— Douglas Gilbert

X2 test of equipment

Nine Below Zero by Snooky PryorSonny Boy Williamson

Sometimes I Don’t Want You

Sometimes I Don’t Want You

You turned your back on me
many ways, many times
sometimes in thought
sometimes like a pirouette

But you don’t love me anymore, so
you turn your back on me when I speak, oh

go be a whore, ’cause
I don’t love you anymore
don’t love you anymore, well

still I want you as you were
as if that were real

I don’t know ’cause
I feel so bad, and

you turned your back on me
when I was talking
like I was boring

And you hurt me so bad,
made me beg to be listened to
and you gossiped with your girlfriends
talked and talked and yet

you turned your back on me
when my voice was like an opera,
so much drama to me because
I could love you if you’d listen

— Douglas Gilbert