On Being Famously Powerful (Draft 5)

On Being Famously Powerful (Draft 5)

There would be a recipe to
political power for the adroit, but
many soufflés go flat even with the
accoutrements of the Palais de l’Élysée

The self-appointed Chef manqué cooks, thinking
he knows about Presidential amour, but

what does he, himself
know about building Love

Yes, he can be globally social,
trés chic and flirtatious
when he can find the
accidental actresses, and
the female Secretaries of State,
and Lady ministers —
watch out!

He’s on his motorcycle
with the visor down

His mistress imagines many things
beyond expensive gifts and orgasms
and she is devastated because
she thought he was deeply
in love with her, but he, you see,
is merely a puny politician

She has a career and friends,
just as he has his pompous chums

But in this world, faithfulness is
like a Chick Flick, and

His Majesty, the President
doesn’t deign to watch, because

He has everything novel, and
can click on a chick
like a fine menu,
no truffles of trouble at all
’cause he has a nose for fungi
like himself

— Douglas Gilbert

2 thoughts on “On Being Famously Powerful (Draft 5)

  1. Ahh…that does make it seem more clear in the beginning now, I don’t think i quite understood that the chef was a mocking reference in the previous draft.

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