On Being Famously Powerful (Draft 2)

On Being Famously Powerful (Draft 2)

The Chef of the world
knows about amour, but

what does this President
know about Love

Yes, he can be global
on a social scale:
trés chic and flirtatious
when he can find the
accidental actresses, and
the female Secretaries of State,
and Lady ministers
Watch out!

He’s on his motorcycle
with the visor down

His mistress imagines many things
beyond expensive gifts and orgasms

She has a career and friends,
just as he has his pompous chums

But in this world, faithfulness is
like a Chick flick, and

His Majesty, the President
doesn’t deign to watch, because

He has everything novel, and
can click on a chick
like a fine menu,
no truffles of trouble at all
’cause he has a nose for fungi
like himself

— Douglas Gilbert


9 thoughts on “On Being Famously Powerful (Draft 2)

    1. Very sad. My heart aches for the first lady. It hurts so bad to find out you weren’t enough to keep the man you loved happy…
      I guess if men want to have more than one partner they need to have relationships with other swingers who agree with that type of thing up front.

    1. That’s a good question. It’s odd though because I always assumed that “amour” was just French for love, but apparently its meaning has changed in English because my little dictionary at least says, “1. A love affair. 2. an illicit love affair.” And my other dictionary says especially illicit or secret love affair. Hmm, I guess that ‘s a modern drift of the word. I thought I remember some very old movie where they seemed to mean “love” for someone with a French accent — although I suppose in those days they weren’t allowed to say anything salacious and because of the heavy censorship I guess it wasn’t obvious what was really going on.

    2. Hmm, I wonder if in order to connect the “French Chef” which I meant to be a mocking reference to the President that I should have said something like: “The self-appointed Chef of the World…”

    3. yes, It’s hard to keep up because everyone is so sarcastic and they lie with words and euphemisms so much that the actual meaning of words keeps drifting because mostly people don’t mean what they say and so when they something is bad they mean good because something that is forbidden by an authority is actually good etc.

      1. Pretty soon nothing will mean what it’s supposed to anymore and I’ll be even more lost than I already am, will you come find me and show me the way back?
        Sorry I didn’t comment much on the affair poems. It’s a touchy subject for me, it brings up all kinds of memories and emotions I just really wish i could forget because it makes it hard for me to trust anyone anymore (but I’m lonely).

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